PSITE-7 Conducted Cybersecurity Awareness Webinar

by Benjie Lenteria on July 10, 2020

JULY 6, 2020 – Saw the gathering of over 50 IT teachers and professionals in another installment of the PSITE Central Visayas Webinar series. This time it’s entitled “Web Application Security Testing and Cybersecurity Awareness”. Its main goal is to elevate the awareness of the participants about the great importance and significance of Cybersecurity as our country faces unprecedented threats from individuals or groups who seek to exploit every vulnerability our systems possess.

The webinar was sponsored by SitesPhil and facilitated by Mr. Ian John Bigol and internationally renowned cybersecurity expert Mr. Benjie Brian Zamora who served as Resource persons. They demonstrated the use of some ‘hacking’ tools for penetration testing and stressed the importance of being aware of system vulnerabilities in order to be ready to protect ourselves from attacks and even to be equipped with the right tools and skillset to be able to react during and after an attack.